Sierra Mojo's Infused MCT oil, does it help ALS ?

PureForm CBD and ALS  

     I recently recieved a message from a long lost cousin. Her message said a family member had been diagnosed with ALS and wondered what I knew about it and if cannabidiol could help. Having spent countless hours researching cannabinoids I knew I would be able to deliver some promising news for my family member in need.  Both cannabidiol and MCT oil may help with some of the problems we encounter with this particular disease. cannabidiol infused MCT oil can possibly even slow or help to change the course of this illness. Neither product is a cure all, but cannabidiol infused MCT can help with some of the pain and anxiety that accompanies ALS.  We have two products that could be helpful, a tincture and a Topical.  Our 4 oz. 250 mg. Sierra Mojo's proprietary infused MCT oil is great in food or your morning beverage, one teaspoon gives you approximately a 10mg. portion of Cannabinoid rich MCT Oil.  I use this product daily in my morning cup of yerba mate. The topical I suggest is our Pain relief stick.  It is an old family recipe that has 10% pure menthol crystals in it.  The added  proprietary infused  Argan oil make it even better.  There a lots of Cannabinoid rich products available on the market.  We know we carry the best, purest and most reasonably priced infusions available. Feel free to get in touch with us for more info on the Amazing benefits of Sierra Mojo's products.



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