Butterfly Garden Bath Bomb with Argan Oil

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Butterfly Garden Bath bomb smells just like spring! Top notes of black tea and tangerine. Middle notes of orchid and French Mimosa with a little bit of coconut milk and musk mixed in. Picture yourself walking through a meadow on a beautiful warm spring day smelling the fresh grass and wildflowers around you! Pink and white swirl topped with sprinkle mix!

Clean,floral,fresh with a little herbal!

 Compare to Bath and Body Works Brand Butterfly Flower

 Each Bath Bomb contains a blend of Essential oils, Epsom salt, and 10mg. of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract infused with Argan oil.

 Key ingredients:

  Tangerine Essential Oil: Helps promote healthy skin.

Epsom Salt: Promotes sleep & stress reduction. Reduces swelling


How to use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its healing ingredients and gorgeous fragrance.

 * Every bath bomb is handmade with love